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I have always worked with my hands; inside and outside, and have always had trouble with the skin on my hands cracking.  I have tried different products for 40 years, and Heel-n-Hands is the best I've found.  It reduces the skin cracks, feels good when I put it on, and does not leave a greasy feeling.      Phil

I have struggled with dry cracked heels for years.  I tried everything from expensive lotions and creams to slathering on good old Vaseline.  Nothing seemed to work.  Then I tried Heel-n-Hands.  Within days I saw a noticeable difference and in a week, my heels were soft.  My son gets red, dry, cracked skin on his knuckles in the winter so he tried Heel-n-Hands with great results as well.  I love this product because it works great, it smells wonderful, and it's reasonably priced.      Shari


I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Heel-n-Hands lotion. I have extremely dry skin, especially my hands. They would become red, cracked, and even bleed. Since using this lotion, I have no more scaly, ugly hands. My hands are smooth and soft. My kids even notice a difference. I also use it on my feet.  I am a martial arts enthusiast which is rough on my feet. With Heel-n-Hands, I am wearing scandals and proud to show off my toes!  Also, earlier this summer, I got sunburned and I applied Heel-n-Hands, and it took the pain away and no peeling :)      Divon

There are several reasons I find Heel-n-Hands lotion the best for me. My allergies cause me to be sensitive to many products. Because of the natural products used in Heel-n-Hands, this problem doesn't occur when i use it. It is non-greasy and doesn't leave an unpleasant film on my skin. It can be used for different applications. The scent is light and refreshing and not overwhelming. I find Heel-n-Hands a great product.                Mavis


 I love using Heel-n-Hands lotion. It smells great and most importantly it works great. After a long day, it is a "pick me up" to my tired feet!!           Libby 


I typically never use creams and lotions on my skin.  It may be just a "man-thing", but that's the facts.  However, I love summer and the sun.  I am fair complected and often get burned.  I use Heel-n-Hands cream often after over-doing the sun.  Each time I have found that it: removes the pain, retains the tan (which I go out for in the first place), and moisturizes my skin so that I have not peeled or had that nasty looking skin that comes with it.

I am sold on the results, am very satisfied with the cost/benefit of the product, and that it does not smell like other creams, and it is not greasy.  It is a cream that can be used by a man and you still feel like one.


I received the Heel-n-Hands lotion as a gift from a friend!  Oh my gosh, it is amazing! I have major problems with the bottoms of my feet (lack of wearing shoes), and after about a week of using this lotion, my feet and heels are actually smooth.   I have tried a variety of store bought lotions that did not work and most of them were too oily! This product is amazing!  I have recommended it to all of my friends and family! Thank you so much Penny. You have saved my "scaly, rough, can't walk on feet."  :)      Amber ~ Melbourne, Florida


I have psoriasis on the bridge of my nose, the base of my nose (embarassing), eye lids, and my temples. I have tried many types of oils, minerals, vitamins and two different RX ointments. At times the best ones did not touch it!  I started using Heeling-n-Hands Body Cream and it worked!  I can actually skip a day here and there and will not have a break out.  When it does begin to break out, I put on Heel-n-Hands on my spots, and my psoriasis is under control again in a day or two.  GOOD STUFF!  Thanks!                                              Bob